BLACK BOY (Solidarity Re​-​release)

by Djevara



Originally released on the album "GOD IS WHITE" (2004)

Re-released in solidarity today.
Inform yourself about, support and spread the word about US Representative Amash's "Ending Qualified Immunity Act"



I died in custody
Police brutality

My story started way back
Before I lived like a rat in tha kitchen
I swear you’ve been here before
You’ve seen this face – you’ve seen this face before
Picking the fag butts off the floor
Destined never to be more
Deep in the underbelly
Of “inclusive society” – not like a saint

Never to be seen again

You don’t like me or my urban poetry
Deep beneath the epidermal layer
Of your urban
Metropolitan bliss – now face a score of us
That’s why you’re scared of truth
My lifelong mission’s been to figure you out
Why I’m so UGLY to you, in the back of your mind
Like a figment…

Tell mama,
“Once I’ve found my feet,
I’ll be more than just a black boy”

Police brutality
In the 21st Century


Djevara in this recording was:
"Bass" (Anté) // vocals
Geoff Courts // guitars
Jeff Hughes // bass guitar
Erd // drums

Original song written by "Bass" (Anté)
Song developed and recorded by Djevara




Djevara London

Djevara /je-vær-æ/ noun - "The concept/myth of a time and/or place at which exists the end of intolerance, and the beginning of justice. Possibly metaphorical, the word has its origin in a ancient language from rural Asia"

Often described as furious, energetic, schizophrenic and passionate -Djevara play a unique and experimental blend of post-hardcore/punk rock and progressive, alternative metal
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