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by Djevara

You speak your silence now You speak your silence but you silence is killing me You speak your silence now It's time to take another... Another snapshot Snapshot Let's contradict our fate Listen out for a new philosophy 'Cos now they want to patent hate And I'll watch a nation die of AIDS Let's get this culture straight Be aware of the will of our enemies Fight to set the record straight It's time to take another... Snapshot You speak your silence now I'm overcome, but is it fear or is it empathy? They're playing games with fate now But I can't watch a nation die of AIDS Ostrich syndrome takes another and another brother Everyone looks the same through the blind eyes of history You wear indifference like a badge of honour It's time to take another... Snapshot Do you think I'd be better off in the ground? I'd make a martyr... in the ground? You love the anguish, you love the abuse You love it It's time to take another... Snapshot. Let's get this culture straight This is just the soundtrack, It's just one way to Try to set the record straight But The Revolution... The Revolution is in your head.
I don't want to die alone One, two, three, four, five, six, seven Will all God's Children fit in heaven? This is just the first scene Just the same as the last scene I've torn this mirror in two Take one and make me whole Don't want to die alone These are the lies and contradictions that make up our minds and their reflections We speak in tongues so int-er-pret us Give us a chance but please don't trust us These are the lies We're Beggars. And liars. And Sowers. And Reepers. And widows. And Killers. But they didn't see us. We're disconnected. We take while we can. We do what we can. So when they gave you a chance why didn't you take it? Took what you wanted but didn't replace it These are the lies and contradictions The Devil makes work for idle fingers I am an anchor You are a wave (All the seasons I'll follow, I'll follow you) I ran out of words But not things to say When I dropped my dream I count each breath And keep the receipts In this world of repeats For all the memories we had All the places we went All the people we met Wasted Wasted I can't wait I can't wait anymore Will all God's Children fit in heaven?



1. Once More With Feeling (Best Supporting Actor)
2. Snapshot Revisited
3. Lines In The Sand
4. Jesus vs Mohammed (Ali)
5. Rising Tide Of The Disconnected

* note: this EP is currently only available in download format from Bandcamp *

Some prophets proffer that life is a series of repeating loops, and thus "everything that goes round comes round". Whatever the truth of it, this was recorded live in a friend's studio den in the Austrian countryside while on tour, "Ricorsi" is another take on some of Djevara's darker, more esoteric songs from the most difficult period in the band's history. Angry, acerbic and visceral progressive punk rock, this is the sound of carefully handled chaos form a tour-beaten band scraping the very last drops of energy to get across their message; hoarse, spent, driven - and giving it one more to get it down for prosperity. Once more, with feeling.

Vox - Anté
Instruments - Anté, Geoff, Malc
Engineer - Andy K
Mixing - Malc


released September 29, 2012




Djevara London

Djevara /je-vær-æ/ noun - "The concept/myth of a time and/or place at which exists the end of intolerance, and the beginning of justice. Possibly metaphorical, the word has its origin in a ancient language from rural Asia"

Often described as furious, energetic, schizophrenic and passionate -Djevara play a unique and experimental blend of post-hardcore/punk rock and progressive, alternative metal
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